7 More Things To Do

7 weekends left until graduation. In 7 weekends, my parents, siblings, and 635644793080967405-2082145630_giphy.gifextended family will be in DC to celebrate my 4 years here in Foggy Bottom. I already have reservations for dinners, a brunch, and a trip up the Washington Monument during graduation week. But what happens between now and then? I’ve started making a list for the last minute DC things I need to do: 7 things to do in the next 7 weeks.

1. Visit the Cherry Blossoms one last time. I just need to strategically time this out so the fewest tourists are there.


2. Fly kites with all of the tourists at the Blossom Kite Festival. Mark your calendar for April 2nd if you want to see all of the kids and puppies fly their kites. I’ve only seen this event via social media, so I’m excited to actually go this year!


3. Get my Library of Congress library card. ~Maybe~ once I have it, I’ll actually study there for finals. Just look how pretty it is.


4. Bike the 13 Colonies Ride. DC streets encompass all 50 states, and there’s a bike ride that touches each one of the streets called the 50 States Ride, but that one’s ~60 miles, and I definitely can’t do that. So, maybe I’ll just do the 13 Colonies and call it a day.

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 11.35.13 PM

5. Round out my 4 years in DC by going paddle boating again. In one of the first weeks of freshmen year, I went paddle boating with some of my friends, but I don’t remember it that fondly. Now that the Cherry Blossoms are out and it’s warm (on some days), I want to give it one more try.


6. Attend a Supreme Court hearing. Even though I was a classic GW student and interned on the Hill, I never booked myself a tour of the Supreme Court or stopped by to tried to get a seat. Or maybe, I’ll just run into RBG one last time before I leave GW.


7. Dine outside on the Georgetown Waterfront. Whether it’s brunch at FFB or dinner at Sequoia or Nick’s, I want to be able to eat outside in nice spring weather. And, for dessert, I want a Baked and Wired cupcake or a Thomas Sweet ice cream cone. Maybe I’ll have one before the meal and one after.

One thought on “7 More Things To Do

  1. Awesome ideas! I can’t believe we’re graduating so soon and I have yet to complete some of the most BASIC tasks that every DC student should be able to in like, one semester, let alone FOUR YEARS. Keep us updated if you have any particularly great experiences with any of these, and good luck!


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