What I Want For A Graduation Gift

Graduation gifts. Those things that you expect from your parents and loved ones for putting up with college for the past four years. Every graduate needs a gift, because, you know, having your parents financially support you for the past 22 years of your life and all the way through college just isn’t enough.

I’ve heard some of my friends talking about what they’re getting as a gift. I’ve heard talks of cars and jewelry. Of international vacations and cash. I’ve even heard of parents paying for rents and down payments for after graduation.

So what do I want? Do I really want to ask for something? I’ve thought about this for a few weeks now. I first thought of a nice watch. I got a watch when I graduated from high school, so another watch would be sentimental. That was the plan until I started thinking more realistically.

Let’s be real: being an adult is expensive. Leasing an apartment also means you have to furnish it. That’s extremely daunting. So, the best thing I could come up with for a graduation gift is a bed.

There are so many reasons why a bed is the graduation gift for me:

1. I will use it every day

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 6.30.45 PM.png

2. I’m sick and tired of sleeping in a twin XL


3. They’re so expensive and I don’t want to buy it myself


4. It’s a good investment


5. A better sleep will mean that I will be a generally more pleasant person during the day.

-The Comedian

One thought on “What I Want For A Graduation Gift

  1. My entire family has been asking me what I want as a graduation gift, and I honestly never even thought of something as simple as a bed, very interesting! Also loved all the gifs!


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