Please Say Please

I don’t have many pet peeves but it drives me crazy when people ask me to do things and don’t put please at the beginning or end of their request. I used to think please should go in almost every sentence, but have deemed that an unreasonable thought. Lately, I’ve been trying to pinpoint the types of scenarios when using please is imperative.

Below are some circumstances where I think saying please is a must:

  1. When writing professional emails at work.
  2. When asking for money from your parents. (DUH)
  3. When demanding that your roommates clean up the kitchen after themselves.
  4. When asking your peers to reschedule a meeting that you can no longer attend. (Also apologize here)
  5. Ordering at a restaurant.

For me, using the word please is about respect and kindness. I think one of the reasons why I care so much about this is because of my mom. From a young age, she drilled the word into my vocabulary.

Here are the top 5 gifs of people saying please:






What do you think about the use of the word please in today’s society?

-The Comedian

One thought on “Please Say Please

  1. I definitely agree that the word “please” is not being used as often as it should be! I feel like as society becomes less formal and more comfortable with each tother, we are all less inclined to use the formal “please” and “thank you” that we are taught as children.


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