The Last Days of an Internship


For me, the last days of an internship are the most awkward. I’ve interned for this company for almost a year, and at this point, it seems like I’ve pretty much been there forever. But now, I’m leaving and starting anew within the next month. Yikes.


I’m not one to hesitate to ask for responsibilities and work. But at this point, I feel like I’m not really in a situation to take on anything new, considering I’m halfway out the door. Everything moving forward just seems awkward – from taking on new projects to thank yous and leaving on a good note.

With 4 *official* weeks left in the office, I’m feeling more and more lost as time winds down. I’m thinking about closing out my projects and maybe bringing up that I maybe should be given short-term projects instead of long-term ones. I’m also thinking about making a “How To” guide for the next intern (there are so many of these for the interview, but not for the actual internship). But, at the same time, my boss says the intern’s role may change this summer… so would this guide even be helpful???

One of the only intern-things I’ve learned during college is the “thank you” note. But, I have so many questions about this.

  • Do I write a card to my direct boss, or do I write a card to everyone on my team?
  • Do I include a small gift with the card – if so, what do I get? All of these are weird.
  • If I get a gift, is wine ok? I know it’s one of my boss’s favorite things, so I’m pretty sure she’d like it,but
    is that even an appropriate gift from an intern? Should I just ask her what to get her?


I can’t even comprehend what happens after the note. Are interns supposed to keep in contact with their old boss? What kind of contact with my boss is even normal? LinkedIn? Email? Facebook?

I feel like there should be a book on intern etiquette, but if there was one, the business school would have already given it to us… So many thoughts, so little time.

As for the next 4 weeks and how to address this constant confusion in my brain,giphy I guess I’m going to feel it out and make sure I leave on a good note. In the end, it’s all about the connections you make and the connections you keep for the future. So as long as I don’t screw it up, I should be good.

2 thoughts on “The Last Days of an Internship

  1. This made me laugh! Figuring out how to behave during the last month of interning is definitely a challenge. In the end, it definitely is just about making connections and staying in touch, so there is no need to stress out about the little details about thank you cards and gifts!


  2. I tooooootally agree. I started my internship in September and have learned so much and even become a part of the family there. And now I’m graduating and will move on to a new full-time job, as will you. It will be such a weird transition, but I’m excited to find out where the skill set I have gained will bring me. And I’m so torn as to what I should get for my team, on top of thank you cards. At my last internship, I brought a giant thank you card for the team, two thank you cards for the people directly in charge of me, and a bag of amazing Australian chocolates (it was when I was in Australia). They ended up giving me SO much more — a huge cake, an alarm clock, a hat, and other little memorabilia. This was also a huge company that had the means to provide these. Keep me updated on what you decide because it has definitely been on my mind!


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