To Tie or Not To Tie

Normally wearing a tie to an interview would not be a question for me. Being a business student, it has been engrained in my mind to always overdress. Not to mention, wearing a tie and looking more professional has always given me more confidence during interviews.

This past week I did a final interview with the company I currently intern for and I found myself confused as to what I should wear. Working at a tech company, I am always dressed casually and so are my coworkers. But what about the interview?I knew I would wear a button down shirt, nice shoes, a sport jacket and nice pants, but was I expected to wear a tie?

I struggled with this all week but ultimately chose to play it safe and wear a tie.

The next question I had was what color tie to where. Normally, I wouldn’t overthink all of this but I really want to work for this company. I found this article entitled How To Dress for a Job Interview: A Guide For Men from Huffington Post. The article discusses the differences in color of ties and ultimately gives three color suggestions:

  • Red. The article argues that a red tie shows dominance and determination.


  • Blue. The article argues that a blue tie shows serenity and that you are a hard worker.


  • Yellow. The article argues that a yellow tie shows radiance and a jovial personality.


After reading this article, I went with blue. This is more or less how good I looked:


During the interview, one of my interviewers commented on the fact that I dressed up and had a tie on. He thanked me for taking the process seriously. So, if any of you are debating how professional to dress during an interview, take my advice and always over dress. Hopefully for me, it will pay off.


-The Comedian

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