Dear Mom, Will You Still Pay My Phone Bill?

The time has come for me to become an actual adult. With less than a month until graduation, I’ve officially signed a lease on an apartment and an offer for a full-time job. In trying to get my life together, I have a lot of questions about making this transition into adulthood.

I’m excited to be able to pay for my own rent and for my own groceries and general expenses. I’m looking forward to learning how to save and budget better. But, I’m aware that there are a lot of other expenses that I will still be unable to afford.

For instance, my mom pays currently for my phone bill, my health insurance, car insurance, and any other miscellaneous expenses that I seriously never think about. To combat not taking on all of these expenses at once, I recently had a conversation with my mom about me slowly becoming financially independent.

It’s not that my mom is kicking me off all of the plans. That’s not what’s happening here. It’s more that I feel bad being such a financial burden for all these years. I’ve set a goal for myself to become financially independent from my mom in 4 years. But how am I going to do this?

I’ve already emailed my mom my plan (Yes, my mom and I frequently email). I asked her to figure out how much per month I cost her. I’m just curious about how much of a financial burden my 22 year old self is to her. I then want to figure out a percentage of that cost I can start paying her in the next three months. Even if it’s 10%, I want to start contributing to the bills.

As time goes on, I plan to slowly increase the percentage of those expenses I pay her back for until I reach 100% and become an actual independent human. By no means do I know what I’m doing here or even know if this is something other people do. But, hey, I’m just trying to be more appreciative for all that my mom does for me.

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-The Comedian



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