Why It’s Acceptable to Watch “The Holiday” in April


CompositeI used to tell myself that there was an appropriate time to start and end watching Christmas movies – after Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. It seemed to me that that window of time would yield the best movies on TV and that Netflix/Amazon Prime would have the best and most Christmas movies available. I thought it just made sense to only watch these films during the winter so I could have something more to look forward to during the year. However, my mindset has definitely changed.

When I was perusing Netflix the other day, I happened to see that The Holiday was back on the list. It’s now even one of the 50 Best Romantic Movies on Netflix. If that doesn’t say something, I don’t know what does. Obviously, I watched it and immediately felt like it deserved that ranking. Even though its name is The Holiday, movies like this should be able to break apart from only being “holiday movies” to being year-long staples.

It still has everything a normal rom-com needs:

  • The ideal cast and location – just look at this cottage


  • Families whose bonds are stronger than bonds in any other film


  • Picture perfect romances that struggle, but have the best intentions


  • The most heart warming ending


For the past few years, I have started and ended each holiday season by watching The Holiday. If you haven’t seen The Holiday, you’re truly missing out. Cameron Diaz switches homes withanigif_enhanced-buzz-18957-1385515908-12 Kate Winslet, and then Jude Law and Jack Black come into the storyline, and it just puts the biggest smile on your face.

It’s just the most incredible movie ever – and if you asked many of my friends, they would confirm the fact that I used to watch it at least twice a week during December. With it now being on Netflix, I have a feeling I’m going to be watching it at least once every two weeks, maybe even more. And, after Thanksgiving, I’ll just watch it more frequently to make sure the sentimental tie with the holidays stays consistent.


One thought on “Why It’s Acceptable to Watch “The Holiday” in April

  1. I think everyone has that 1 movie (or multiple) that they can watch over and over, so this is super relatable! Also I wish it was Christmas more than once a year, so I guess watching a christmas movie helps make up for that haha. I just watched this movie for the first time this year (thanks to you) and have definitely added it to my holiday movie list!


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